Together we get further

Our priority at AINGO will always be to understand your requirements, analyze your needs and advise you on the development of technological ideas and projects. All this while we put at your disposal a solid and committed work team. We provide software solutions and digital tools that allow you to develop your technological projects in an exceptional way and have more control over your digital heritage. In addition, when you work with us, you are contributing to the social and economic development of rural areas in Colombia since, from each project, we allocate a percentage to our free training program for young people, AINGO Labs.
We provide software solutions and digital tools that allow you to exceptionally develop your technological projects and have more control over your digital assets.

Luminiun Coin

We have made available a robust, skilled, and perfect work team for your work model, integrating UX/UI design into the frontend development of the company’s new transactional dashboard using Figma, Angular, .NET, and Azure. Additionally, we worked on the development of new backend functionality and updated the design of the Admin page in WordPress.


Cloud-based enterprise management software, scalable and flexible for custom development to meet the needs of each company.

Aingo Dashboard


We have taken our client’s basic CRM to the next level by incorporating advanced technology. We have implemented Angular, Firebase, and Firestore to enhance its capabilities and provide a more efficient and user-friendly experience for our clients. Additionally, we have seamlessly integrated these updates with an existing PHP site. Their clients can now enjoy a more robust and customizable CRM solution that will streamline their business processes and improve their overall performance.



Software development: We contributed to the development of modules for your administrative software in order to automate some of the processes. Technologies: Java, GCP, and Angular.