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How can you achieve your company's digital transformation?

Innovation and digital transformation are key to staying competitive in today’s fast-paced digital world. By implementing new technologies and innovative processes, you will be able to anticipate market trends and be at the forefront of your industry, which will help you improve efficiency, increase productivity, and better serve your customers.

What makes AINGO a good technology partner?

As your technology partner, we strive to provide innovative solutions and exceptional support to help you succeed in your business. We work closely with your team to understand your specific needs and challenges to provide tailored solutions. With our experience and human talent we can optimize and automate processes and operations.

Let us be your trusted technology provider and achieve greatness together.


Our custom software solutions are designed to help you achieve your business objectives and unlock new growth opportunities.


We hire 98% of our employees locally at our main location, Colombia. We are a rural enterprise that seeks to have a socio-economic impact on rural areas with access to the internet, promoting telework, recruiting and training talented young students by offering them fair job opportunities. With this in mind, every time a company hires us for a project, we allocate a percentage of it to sponsor the education of a student in the latest software development technologies. AINGO Labs seeks to create research and development technology labs in rural areas of Colombia, where there is a lot of talent and few opportunities.


Un sistema para conectar, gestionar, integrar y automatizar todas las partes importantes de tu empresa.

Elimina reprocesos, logra mejores resultados, optimiza el tiempo y el presupuesto a través de la implementación de nuestro software ERP.

Además, hacemos uso de las últimas tecnologías para llevar a cabo desarrollos en menos tiempo y con más eficiencia .

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